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Abu Amer Al-Ashwal Group

Abu Amer Al-Ashwal Trading Group is one of the most important leading companies in the medical field in all its divisions in the Republic of Yemen, which was established in 2007, its main branch is in Sana’a. Amer Al-Ashwal Trading makes every effort to provide the latest technical solutions to the local market, which is characterized by keeping pace with the latest and finest technology used in the world. In recent years, our group has expanded to cover the provision of its services and products in other Yemeni provinces.
This is due to the policy of continuous improvement and development that the group follows in managing all its operations and the success in dealing with many international and local organizations and the medical sector, both governmental and private.
We strive to facilitate the provision of services in a wide range of options and modern medical solutions that exceed all categories of our customers in quality and price, and we seek to build close partnerships with the best factories and leading suppliers in the medical field in various specialties.


There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and to develop our present we must set a clear vision for our future. Yesterday we started with one company, and today we have a group of diverse health activities, which is the Abu Amer Al-Ashwal Trading Group, which is based on solid foundations and the application of the latest administrative systems in the management of health systems and facilities. We are looking forward not only to expand locally and regionally, but also to globalization at all levels of the system, management and spread, and we realize the values ​​and principles on which we grew up and upon which we founded our great family (Abu Amer Al-Ashwal Trading Group) with each of its members, as investment in human development is the cornerstone of the success of Business and Sustainability. Our vision for success is also to measure the satisfaction of our customers and meet their expectations and needs. We continue to strive to improve our performance, find the best, and search for new opportunities to increase our activities inside and outside Yemen. Therefore, we ask God Almighty that the Abu Amer Al-Ashwal Trading Group will continue its path and contribute to the prosperity of our national economy and enhance the development of our children and our future society.

DR. Al-Ashwal