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    Abu Amer Al-Ashwal Group

    Abu Amer Al-Ashwal Trading Group is one of the most important leading companies in the medical field in all its divisions in the Republic of Yemen, which was established in 2007, its main branch is in Sana’a. Amer Al-Ashwal Trading makes every effort to provide the latest technical solutions to the local market, which is characterized by keeping pace with the latest and finest technology used in the world. In recent years, our group has expanded to cover the provision of its services and products in other Yemeni provinces.


    Our mission is to provide first-class independent Pharmaceuticals for the local community in a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment.


    Our journey to excellence never ends. Clients can be assured that when they choose Abu Amer Al-Ashwal Group, they’re choosing an Pharmaceutical leader who will work tirelessly to achieve excellence in quality, saf, and efficiency, for the better health of our client

    Quality Products

    We make an extra effort in ensuring that our products are sourced from top manufacturing companies across the globe. We also ensure that our warehouse is a secure, temperaturecontrolled facility.


    Abu Amer Al-Ashwal Group employees make decisions, both big and small, with a focus on what is ethically right. Above all, we are committed to the greater good- for our company, our clients as well as the health care industry

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    Meet ​ Our team

    Abu Amer Al-Ashwal Group has it’s strong basis and different culture among its staff and focused on high professionalism, motivation, enthusiasm, and at the top of all is our team work spirit.

    Sales & Distribution

    In addition to the head office in Sana’a, We have branches covering the main cities in Yemen. Utilizing a modern distribution fleet, these branches, as well as a network of wholesalers, ensure the availability of the products, not only in the main cities but also in every city and village in Yemen. The distribution fleet is supported by a state of the art data center connecting all branches to ensure the smooth operations of the logistical operation.



      Abu Amer Al-Ashwal Group began partnering with pharmaceutical companies all over the world more than 14 years ago with the goal of becoming the partner of choice for companies wishing to successfully market their products in Yemen. Since then, we have maintained an open, flexible and reputable partnership model, which is the base for many successful collaborations.

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      Teaching hospital combines assistance to people.

      Teaching hospital combines assistance to people.

      Teaching hospital combines assistance to people.Teaching

      Teaching hospital combines assistance to people.

      Teaching hospital combines assistance to people.

      Teaching hospital combines assistance to people.